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Develop your


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Join the modest revolution

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You only pay the cost, when your customer completes purchase.

Join the modest revolution

Why Pret A Cover

It’s your modest lifestyle industry. Own it.


Design one-of-a-kind modest lifestyle products

Choose from our stylish selection. Apply your artistic ideas. Sell on Shopify.

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Only pay when you make a sale. We ship for you. All categories from fashion to interiors and more.

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No overheads, minimums or hassle. Start selling or offer in your existing store. We do all your work and logistics.

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Products are made & shipped when your customer completes checkout. A win win for you and the environment.

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Design on latest items in your PAC workshop and publish to your Shopify store. Sell away.

It’s a $2 trillion market. Take your share.

Level the playing field. This market needs your ideas. Take control of an industry made by you.

Join the modest revolution.

Our mission is to give you a stake in the modest lifestyle industry.

A customised print on-demand dropshipping modest lifestyle product platform, Pret A Cover empowers individuals to get creative and sell. All the work is done by us.

How can you get your share in the Modest Lifestyle market through Pret A Cover?

The first step is to get creative with ideas that you can put on products. Now sign up. Be the first to know when we launch, so you can start!