Our Story

The modesty industry belongs to you.

Pret A Cover is a platform that allows everyone to benefit from the global modest lifestyle spending power. Our mission is to support your creativity and our vision is to help you to take your market share. It’s time to offer your touch to this market.

Alia Khan, Pret A Cover Founder

The future of modesty is You

Modesty is the noble you. It is your market. Sell your creative ideas through an array of modest lifestyle products. Reflect your elegance through your creative ideas. Pret A Cover is built for those who wish to earn or shop without hassle.

When technology meets Modesty

You are the future of retail. And our Pret A Cover tech solution puts you in control of the modesty industry. This platform is designed to be your invisible team that does all your work. Add your signature to the modest life.

What does it take to be
part of Pret A Cover?

Nothing more than a desire to create unique modest lifestyle products! Sign up for early access, you will be the first to know when we launch. Now join us!