Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

#1 About Pret A Cover

Who can join Pret A Cover?

Anyone who wishes to express their creativity and sell modest lifestyle products, will benefit from PAC. If you have a desire to be a part of the global modest lifestyle market, then Pret A Cover (PAC) is for you. If you wish to discover new talent and shop from unique creative options brought to you by well deserving small businesses, PAC is for you as well. Whether you wish to sell or just shop, give the unique experience brought to you by PAC a try!

How does Pret A Cover operate?

Pret A Cover ensures that Sellers have plenty of modest lifestyle products to get creative with and sell on their Shopify store. We manage all the sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, and tech related needs. You simply use our tech based platform to easily create your collections, publish them to your store, and sell.

What is PAC’s unique drop shipping model?

When you receive an order and it has been released to PAC, we will begin the production process. Once it is ready to ship, our partners will manage the whole process for you in a white label package to ensure your customer only knows that it is from your store.

What is an on demand product?

On demand means that you never have to buy your stock. You only pay the cost price once you get an order that has completed checkout. This limits your risk and expenses so you can remain creative and worry free as you build your business.

#2 How can I create my collection and sell?

How can I design or create my product collection?

Our workshop is an intuitive and easy online tool which you can use to create your collections and sell within minutes. The tool offers you to choose a blank item of the product you wish to create and an option to apply the artwork from our art library or to upload your own work, and finally to easily publish your product in your online store.

What is the PAC Art Library?

If you don’t have your own artwork, print ideas, color ideas to get creative with, you can look at the free images available on the PAC art library and build your collections. It’s free and easy to access from your workshop.

What blank products can I choose from?

Our catalogue of blank items is carefully selected within a multitude of lifestyle categories including fashion, interiors, homeware, and more. We will always keep you informed on new arrivals so that you never miss out on offering the best on your store.

Can I only connect my Shopify store?

For now we are Shopify compatible. We will eventually be compatible with all platforms including Amazon, Woo Commerce, Ebay, WordPress, etc.

What if I don’t have a Shopify store?

You can sign in a few simple steps and create your Shopify store (see the instructions) and then easily connect your Pret A Cover dashboard directly to your Shopify store so that your products get published instantly to your store.

#3 Shipment and production

What countries can you ship to?

Destinations vary depending on which fulfilment warehouse the product is shipped from, you can check this information on the individual product page when you build the product in our workshop.

What is the standard shipping time?

You can choose between standard and express shipping. Standard shipping usually takes between 3-18 days whereas Express delivery takes an average of 2-8 days.

Can I cancel my order?

Due to the customized nature of all of our products, orders cannot be cancelled once they have been placed.

Can I track my order?

All tracking numbers can be found on your profile dashboard. Tracking numbers are generated when a shipping label is printed at our production facility. Please note the tracking information may not show information for up to 24hours after it has been printed. Your customers can expect to receive tracking numbers between 2-10 days after order processing.

When will I be charged?

Depending on whether or not you have enabled Auto-Fulfilment. You will be charged automatically once your customer has completed the check out on your store. This will then send the order automatically into production. If Auto Fulfilment is disabled you will need to manually process the payment before your order is placed with the supplier.

Can I buy products for my existing line and how?

Yes, you can continue to create products on the PAC workshop and publish it to your store. Your new collections will compliment your existing products in Shopify and possibly even boost sales.

If I need help with a customer’s order, who should I contact?

You will always have access to support inside your dashboard. Send us your query and the relevant department will respond.