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- May 17, 2022

What is Modest Fashion?  

The world of styling and fashion is at a pace of faster development and amends. Each day, there is something new in the line of design that amuses and inspires people to go above the mile and discover another appealing clothing product.  

As the fashion and its type differ, the taste of people also takes its turn to where it gets the most hype. For example, some people like to reveal skin to look  chic and bold, while others perfectly dress up with clothes covering the body, again looking chic and bold. No matter your preference, there’s always room for huge variety in every fashion choice existing as of now.

The current need for time demands a fashion statement that is stylish, functional, and agrees with the mindset of people. Either because of socio-religious patterns or choice, finding less-skin revealing clothes that satisfy your stylish soul can be challenging.

Here comes the Modest Fashion industry into the play that answers their wishes and brings an array of the most refined products. Put simply, modest fashion clothing in this age is gaining popularity for all the right reasons, and people are adopting it quickly. 

Here are a few things you need to know about Modest Fashion. 

What is Modest Fashion? 

Looking at the modest fashion definition, one could say that it is a lifestyle with an attempt to provide and offer fashionable and stylish choices to those who wish to dress in a way to cover the skin. While many religions demand covering up the skin as a necessary attribute for women, especially the Abrahamic ones, modest fashion goes beyond one’s religious practice.

On one hand, religion guides people to dress appropriately and maintain a modest lifestyle, on the other, as the world progresses and new ways of life emerge, chances are higher for the diffusion of modesty and fashion.

Streetwear modest fashion
Modest fashion is an integral part of the modest lifestyle

Today, we can say that modest fashion satisfies the demands of various people who come from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds by putting forward less-skin revealing yet fashionable clothing ideas. Despite so much advancement in the fashion industry, many designers are still confined to collections of skin-revealing clothes that leave a modest dresser with very limited choices. 

However, the increasing demands of modest dressing have started to conquer the modest fashion industry with layering clothes that are not only aesthetic but also offer a level of ease to the wearer.

Whether one is searching for long-length skirts or high necklines and loose sleeves, the colours, patterns, and designs used in modest clothing are catchy and aesthetic.  

How is the modest fashion industry changing the way we perceive trends or clothing? 

The fashion industry has shown an utterly great profit and outcomes in the last few years. When it comes to modest fashion, the impact on the industry is a two-way thing as many factors influence the modest sector. 

  • Starting with the social aspect, the modest fashion industry revitalises the perception of covering up the body.that doesn’t demand people to leave fashion behind in order to be acceptable in their religious and social dynamics. 
  • The industry is not just limited to the constraints of religion. Many influencers and celebrities style up in modest fashion to make different statement looks. 
  • There is a high demand for designers who can make custom products or bring out new ideas in the field. 

According to the report of Islamic Economy 2021, the expansion in the Modest design market and consumption of attire and footwear by Muslim people group was 4.2% in 2019. Due to COVID-19, the rate dropped but is again expected to grow at $311 billion by 2024. This clearly shows the exponential growth of the industry, bringing benefits to the designers and customers. 

How can one be part of the modest fashion industry?

You don’t have to bring a revolution to be a part of this industry. There are several other ways to achieve a sense of modern fashion and some of the easiest ones are discussed below. 

1. Observe the gap for modern fashion apparel in the market

2. Choose your category of modern fashion

3. Identify your targeted audience 

4. Hire a designer 

5. Find good quality material and start a manufacturing unit 

All steps combined, you will be able to pay your share in the modest fashion industry while earning a good chunk of profits from the in-demand modern fashion products sold.

Art is not a product of one’s religious practices or affiliations; instead, it is a mixture of ideas and ways to present something. One can either be part of this industry by dressing up in modest fashion clothing or going onto the creator’s side and offering the most elegant and prettiest works. The industry is growing, and one can always establish a business by doing the proper research and finding the correct start. 

Modest fashion tailor
Surround yourself with the right teammates

Moreover, as customer demand increases, creative designers and people in the industry also have to step ahead in the game, making the best pieces to celebrate fashion and serve a look. Modest fashion clothing and industry is a growing business, and while many people may think that it is a lot of trouble and hustle to make a name in a modest industry. he truth is that starting a fashion business is like starting any other business, it also needs your time, attention, and precision; 

However, there is less risk and more profit if you know how and where to start. 

If you are one of the designers, all you have to do is take a step forward and establish your dropshipping business.  PretACover can help you in any way, from the point of start to sustaining the business and everywhere in between. The working model enables different designers to choose and drop ship their modest fashion products to customers without maintaining an inventory or spending a lot of capital. It is the perfect way to grow your niche in the most accessible way. 

If this intrigued you to dive deep into the modest fashion industry and start your business by tackling some of the current problems in the fashion industry, you can start your modest items dropshipping with us. Sign up for early access and we’ll notify you when you can start building your fashion business.

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