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What Is Print On Demand

With the increasing demands for customized products, print-on-demand falls in one of the best low-risk, better-returns, and profitable businesses today. Why? People love creative designs, especially when they’re customized according to one’s needs, and that’s where print on demand comes into play. 

So, what is Print On Demand? 

Put simply, it’s the process of printing different creative, funky, and attractive designs on a white-labeled product to sell under your brand name. This way, you make money every time someone buys a product not even manufactured by you.

As one of the most sought-after forms of digital printing, POD has helped tens of thousands of individuals be their boss with limited time, effort, and money. Since you get paid on your printed product on a per-item basis, you can make a handsome amount of money if you genuinely want to scale this business.

If you’re all set to make money through print on demand but feel confused between the chances, Pret A Cover has got you covered. 

Scope of print on demand industry 

As more and more people turn towards POD, it’s no surprise that the print-on-demand industry has grown 12% in the last four years. Not only does this make digital printing more profitable than ever before but also a golden opportunity for fresh graduates to earn a good source of income. 

Anyone can provide print-on-demand service without capital, almost no experience but only with the basic know-how of the work to start with. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing businesses. But, it is also a great way to pour out your creativity and make the best use of your time, efforts, and money with the least risk involved.

Is it print-on-demand dropshipping? 

Print on demand vs. dropshipping

Print on demand is a branch of drop shipping that works on the same model but with different terms and conditions. 

The most prominent difference between dropshipping and print on demand is their payment model. In POD, you get paid per item after your printed item is bought and shipped to the customer, also known as white-label drop shipping.

In contrast, dropshipping involves shipping stocked products in bulk to individual vendors or a store owner, which returns with a good amount of money in hand.

As a result, a lot of people prefer dropshipping over print on demand as it’s quicker, easier, and gives all the money at once.

How does it work? 

As one of the best types of the order fulfillment process, understanding print of demand is not rocket science if you’re clear with the basics.

  • The POD business model is simple 

If you’re providing POD service, all you have to do is look for a store that can bring you orders for designable products such as T-shirts, bottles, face masks, stationery boxes, etc. 

  • The design process is cost-effective and can be outsourced

Once you’ve gathered orders in bulk, you can hire a designer or custom design the products yourself according to the given requirements. 

How does print on demand work
  • The packaging and shipping are less risky than other businesses

Next, you’ll have to find a third party to pack the products for you and ship them to the customer under your name. In other ways, you can also hand over the products back to the store and earn a small share of commission on the number of sales of the product.

Pros of print on demand industry

With the increasing demands for customised products, it goes without saying that POD has played a significant contribution to the fashion industry. 

Here are some more benefits of print on demand to consider: 

1. Affordable printing with better returns 

2. Easy to outsource to a designer

3. Brings you a consistent source of income 

4. Multiple options in digital printing 

5. No packaging and shipping hassle 

6. Benefit of free shipping

7. No need for inventory, storage, and delivery 

8. Limited workload

Is the print on demand still profitable in 2022? 

Is print on demand profitable

If you’re wondering if all of this is still profitable, the answer is a straight yes. Reports show that the POD industry is predicted to reach a market capitalization of approximately 20 million dollars by 2035, opening arms for many small businesses to earn a flexible side income.

From teens to seniors, everyone wants to buy personalized products without spending a fortune. So far, there’s no better way than printing to cater to the increasing needs of people for the POD products that sell like crazy. 

The best part? You can start a print-on-demand business today with the help of many established POD service websites and start making money.

Is the modest fashion industry a great start for any print-on-demand business? 

Modest fashion industry in POD business

Fashion is one of the most profitable industries in today’s time and will always be. From toddlers to seniors, everyone wants to wear clothes that are unique, personalized, and fit their styling needs, and that’s where the great business opportunity lies for anyone interested in modest fashion. With limited investment and a solid business module, anyone can start selling stylish yet less skin-revealing clothes to fulfill the growing modest fashion industry demands. 

Whether it’s a printed black tee or expensive customized products, there has been a significant spike in the profit margin of POD products in recent years.

Print on demand business and  e-commerce: Can you build a successful online store?

Print on demand shares a direct relationship with e-commerce as it has the potential to turn into a large-scale business if done the right way.  

If you’re looking for a side income that pays you well, there is no better time than starting a print-on-demand business today. There are hundreds and thousands of products to work on and fulfill the increasing needs of print-on-demand products.

 If you’ve selected a niche to start with, all you need to do is design a basic framework to run a business and attract customers to your products.

With the help of print-on-demand services, it gets easier to list your printed products on a platform that already brings a high search volume of visitors from all around the world.

Moreover, you can also take ideas from popular e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress,  and others to see what’s trending.

When looking for a print-on-demand service, look for those that pay you a good share of commission compared to market rates. Next, eye a designer who can take up the workload and pour into creativity into designs for the clothes. Lastly, partner up with a reputable print-on-demand website to help you reach customers easily with your designs. If you’re confused between the choices, here’s a suggestion from my end. 

 Pret A Cover is one of the best-selling websites for designers to make money by trading their creative design on products that attract buyers.


Before you start, make sure to eye a designer in your circle and print-on-demand suppliers. That way, you will never have to fuss about the workload, but manage everything easily. However, you can also automate your POD business after a specific period. This way, you’ll be able to make money every time a sale is made of your designed product.
As a leading name in the fashion industry, Pret A Cover platform opens its arms to everyone with the passion to bring revolution into the modest fashion industry which speaks volumes. Find out more today and be a part of the modest revolution.

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